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    • Are you a therapist, doctor, pharmacist, hotelier, fitness or beauty salon owner and are you also interested in expanding your customer base with whole-body cryotherapy and thus increasing your sales? We provide you with all the necessary information you need before purchasing a cryosauna, including price, quality, operating costs and has all the important market information you need to make a successful start in the field of whole-body cryotherapy possible. You can also benefit from our unique experience through our research cryo studio!Learn more about the following topics:

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Cryo chamber for hotels

Purchase a cold room or cryosauna for your hotel and offer your guests the pleasant service of a whole-body cold therapy. Cold saunas or full body cold chambers are part of modern cold therapy and allow your hotel guests an intensive fitness and wellness program. Regular sessions in a cold sauna allow strengthening the immune system, improving blood circulation and metabolism, and effective weight loss. Stand out from the crowd with the purchase of a cold chamber and be one of the first providers of modern whole-body cold therapy. Thus, you offer your hotel guests a fascinating experience that will delight them. Find out today about the various suppliers of a cryosauna and the resulting costs.

Cold chamber for medical practices

Doctors can also integrate a cold chamber or cryosauna into their practice. Therefore, you are at the cutting edge of technology and are able to give your patients access to modern and effective whole-body cold therapy. Cryotherapy has many effects on a wide variety of diseases. Among other illnesses, chronic pain disorders such as rheumatism, circulatory disorders, sleep disorders, anxiety disorders and depressions can be treated very well through the use of a whole-body cold chamber. Your patients will be amazed by the effect of a cryochamber. Thus, find out today about the price and the various suppliers of a cryochamber and the possibility of being listing Germany’s largest portal for cryotherapy

Cryo chamber for therapy facilities

For therapists, the purchase of a cryosauna or cold chamber can be a decisive factor. Various mental illnesses, such as depression, panic attacks or anxiety disorders can be treated very well by the use of modern whole-body cold therapy. But also chronic illnesses like migraine, rheumatism or sleep disorders show a considerable reduction of pain symptoms through regular sessions in a cold chamber. Cold saunas can also be a relief for obease patients. A session in a cryo sauna burns up to 800 kcal and is therefore idealy supports any diet. We will give you free advice about the price of a cold chamber and consult you on the selection of the right supplier.

Cold chamber for gyms

The purchase of a cold chamber or a cryosauna can be a lucrative investment for gyms. With whole-body cold therapies, athletic people can reduce their recovery periods, which means a higher training frequency. This can be achieved with the use of a cold chamber effective performance increase. Especially customers of a gym will appreciate this offer during their training sessions. In addition, continuous sessions in a cold chamber effectively prevent pain and injury. Especially athletes will enjoy this great opportunity to protect and preserve the health of their own body. In addition, whole-body cold therapy enables strengthening of the immune system, improved blood circulation and metabolism, and effective weight loss (up to 800 kcal per session). When choosing the right Kryosauna for your needs, we are happy to help and list at Germany’s biggest cold chamber portal.

Cryo chamber for beauty salons

Especially beauty salons should keep an eye on the new whole-body cold therapy. After all, even in the area of beauty and wellness sessions in the cold chamber have some fascinating results. Thus, whole-body cold therapy can bring about a tightening of the skin and thus an effective skin-image rejuvenation. Thus, cryotherapy contributes to an efficient anti-aging. Furthermore, continuous sessions in a cold sauna improve the metabolism and the blood circulation and thus an optimal strengthening of the immune system. Especially for people with weight problems cold chambers are a good solution, the whole body cold treatment burns up to 800 kcal per session and thus represents the ideal support for any diet.

Cryo Chamber for Cold Chamber Studios and Cryostudios

Cold chamber studios and cryo studios can also further expand their range of cold chambers and thus offer even more people the opportunity to benefit from the positive effects on health and beauty of whole body cold therapy. By using modern cryosaunas, people with chronic or mental illnesses can significantly improve their quality of life. Furthermore, athletes and fitness enthusiasts benefit from the enormous positive effects of cold treatment, which can increase performance and prevent injuries. So let us advise you today about the different suppliers and prices of cold chambers. We are also at your disposal for the creation of a marketing strategy optimally tailored to your needs and allow you to list Germany’s largest portal for cryotherapy providers

Cold rooms for pharmacies

Cold chambers are also an interesting option for pharmacy owners to expand their customer offering. Above all, the whole-body cold therapy is a useful extension to other provided services. Regular sessions in a cold chamber have a pain-relieving effect on chronic diseases such as migraine, rheumatism and sleep disorders. But even mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety disorders or panic attacks can be effectively treated by using a whole body cold chamber. In addition, a cold therapy can stimulate the blood circulation and thus strengthen the immune system. Even for people who want to lose weight, the whole-body cold treatment is an interesting way to support a diet. A session in a cold chamber burns up to 800 kcal. So let us advise you about the different manufacturers of a cryosauna and inform yourself free of charge about the unique REMEDICOOL software for cryotherapy providers today.