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CRYO E – The 1-person cold chamber from Medner Medizintechnik

With more than 30 years of experience, Medner Medizintechnik offers the highest quality in the development of cold chambers. With its own Cryotherapy Center, Medner can gain practical first-hand experience and pass it on to the partners. As the market leader in Germany in the development of cryosaunas, the company is committed to improving the lives of people through cryotherapy.

The cold chamber CRYO E with innovative technology

As the only whole-body cold chamber worldwide, the CRYO E reaches a temperature of up to -110 °C. The cold chamber, just presented as a world novelty, even achieves these temperatures with a conventional socket. This makes the cryo sauna one of the only cold chambers in the world that can reach such temperatures without high voltage.

Save energy with the CRYO E

Since Medner Medizintechnik does not use high-voltage current in the CRYO E cold chamber, this cryosauna is particularly energy-saving. Furthermore, the cryo chamber does not require nitrogen, which also results in low variable costs. This cold chamber saves you money!

Properties of the cryochamber CRYO E by Medner Medizintechnik

  • 1-person full-cold chamber
  • Low cost because 100% electric
  • Possibility of operating the cold chamber by mobile app
  • Customers can listen to music through talking during treatment
  • Easy transport and assembly of the cryo chamber as it can be dismantled into 2 parts
  • Cryosauna can be defrosted and dried at night by a built-in heating module
  • Optical highlights through LED lighting inside and outside the cold chamber
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