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CryoAction: Modern cold treatment

The company CryoAction is located in London. In his work, CryoAction focuses on the positive effects of cryotherapy in the field of professional sports. Cryotherapy can effectively improve the health and performance of athletes. In the field of whole-body cold treatment CryoAction is set up with a wide range of cryotherapy chambers. These can be permanently installed in buildings as well as mobile in vehicles.

Whole-body cold therapy: recovery for body and mind

The whole body cold treatment enables many positive effects. The sessions in cold chambers or cryosaunas can reduce inflammation, strengthen the immune system and support regeneration processes. Furthermore, swelling and pain are reduced and the recovery of injured tissue is effectively increased. But also the effects in the psychological area are enormous. Cold therapy reduces stress and improves sleep quality. Depression and anxiety disorders can also be alleviated by regular use of the cold saunas. Already a session of up to three minutes can trigger a tremendous recovery effect and noticeably increase your well-being.

CryoAction: customer service and product range

The company CryoAction offers for its customers different cryotherapy chambers, which are designed for two or even for up to six people. There are cryosaunas which are designed for installation in buildings or as mobile transport units. In addition, CryoAction offers rental units. These can be purchased for temporary applications. This allows the company to provide customers with an effective solution for temporary therapy sessions. In this way, as many people as possible benefit from the innovative cryotherapy and benefit from the many advantages of a cold chamber.

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