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Kriosystem Life: “Global Player”

Kriosystem Life is the global leader in cryogenic devices. These include cryosurgery devices, local cryotherapy devices and whole-body cryogenic chambers. Professional cryogenic specialists and scientists provide customers from many different countries with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment for the wellness, medical and professional sports sectors. The headquarter of Kriosystem Life is located in Wroclaw, in the southwest of Poland. Other company headquarters are distributed around the world.

Effective whole-body cryotherapy through the cryochamber

The company Kriosystem Life builds, installs and puts the cryosauna into operation. The cold chamber is made individually on request of the customer and installed on site at the customer. The cryochamber is then able to perform up to 30 treatments in the period of one hour.

Cryo Van: Kriosystem Life’s cryotherapy special vehicle

The Cryo Van is a state-of-the-art full-body cryotherapy cart installed in a Mercedes Sprinter. The car is divided into a changing room, an antechamber, the actual cold chamber and a technical room. The cryo-van is the mobile answer to the various requirements in the cryo business. This special design on four wheels is available for marathons or similar events in competitive sports.

Kriosan K30 +

The name Kriosan K30 + stands for a device that has been developed by local cryotherapy experts using liquid nitrogen vapor at a temperature of up to -150 degrees Celsius. The Kriosan K devices have been tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland. This ensures a high safety standard and the achievement of optimal results.


This device was developed specifically for cryosurgery. The tissue to be treated is frozen in a short time without causing bleeding. The KS-2 has two interchangeable cryosyringes, one for open and one for closed treatment. At the customer’s request, the devices can be individually manufactured and modified. This ensures safe and comfortable handling of the device.

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